Packaging for premium screw brand Bullet.

Backdrop to the box is a digital camo, layered with a roughed up metal.

Selecting the right typeface was critical for this project. Not only did it need to fit into the style and look for the brand, but it had to be legible at a glance as the front of the packaging is carrying technical information that the customer needs. So I went with a typeface that wasn’t too harsh and square, but almost looked like a digital read-out, called Fishmonger.

One of the biggest problems with putting screw boxes on a store shelf is that customers keep opening them. Most of the time, this is because they want to check that they’ve picked up the correct box of screws before they purchase. If it’s the wrong box, it just gets put back, damaged. Sometimes, having confirmed that they are the correct screws, they put the damaged one back and take an unopened box. So the challenge was to add features into the the box which would remove the need for someone to tear it open.

First was a window so the screws inside were physically visible. Then I put a to-scale drawing on the side with a ruler edge below, this helps those who have bought a screw into the shop with them work out which screw they are looking for.


package net
package net 2